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Learn the unique secrets to the famous Body Shape Fitness Camp system delivered to you in a unique online specialist members site. Use our simple step by step online programme so you can get the EXACT RESULTS our live fitness camp members see on a consistent basis from your own home.



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Are you unhappy with the way you feel and how your body looks right now?

Body shape fitness camp the online edition may be the solution to your problems if you can answer YES to ANY of the following:

  • You find it very hard to ‘fit in’ going to the gym or attending and ‘fix time’ exercises classes around your busy schedule?
  • You are sick of feeling confused about what to eat, when to eat, what exact exercises you should be doing to see results?
  • You travel a lot with work or cannot commit to attending our live programme, or taking out a gym membership anywhere?
  • You cannot afford our live programme but would love to have the information and workouts to follow for less cost so you can get the results on your own at your own time?
  • You would love to have your very own personal trainer to show you a quick and simple system, so you can get results easily, without having to guess what to do all the time or struggle in the gym on your own?
  • You would love to sleep better , finally get healthy, learn exactly what to do and feel totally energized and ready to take on the day?
  • You want to lose that dreaded stomach fat now and forever, and maintain your great results?
  • Tried other workouts, diets and slimming clubs and it hasn’t worked out for you in the past?

NOW you can train at home with our Body Shape Fitness Camp online programme and still get the results we see on a consistent basis and for less money too. And the best bit, unlike the other gyms, fitness routines, classes and weight loss programmes and diets you may have tried before. I guarantee this will get you great results in 28 days.

We offer a no risk 28 day 100% money back guarantee, just so you can feel confident that if you followed our system and didn’t get results, you wouldn’t have to pay.

Here are some of the results other people just like you have gotten with the Body Shape Fitness Camp System.




So If your ready to take charge with us now and get the body you deserve now, our Body Shape Fitness Camp Online Programme will show you how to:

Workout just 3 x 45 minutes a week, following our ‘follow along’ workout videos at a time and place to suit you. This can be done ANYWHERE you like, you can also download the videos, and burn them on to a DVD and follow along to them in your living room.

Follow Simple Nutrition guidelines which are flexible for you and are so easy, you can see fast results and never have to DIET again just eat real wholesome food.

Balance your hormones, so you stop storing fat in those horrible places like, the bum, thighs, stomach and arms, we educate you on exactly how to burn the stubborn fat. And the truth about how to lose weight healthily and quickly and keep it off.

It is time to kick these frustrations now:

Feeling out of shape, unhealthy and low on motivation and energy.

Following fad diets, giving them your hard work and determination but find yourself never really getting to where you wanted.

Not being able to commit to training with people and exercise classes because of time constraints like work, childrens activities and just life in general!

Not really knowing exactly what to do, how to workout, how often, what to eat, and just trying to guess what to do from things you have ‘heard’ before!

Not being able to afford to train with a Personal Trainer or attend a fitness camp, but being aware that if you just knew exactly what to do, and didn’t have to pay quite as much you could get the results you wanted.

Thankfully you don’t have to struggle with ANY of these frustrations anymore. Just like all of my success stories above you can absolutely get your body back.

How Does Body Shape Fitness Camp Online Work…

Body shape Fitness Camp Online is a 28 day programme. Once you sign up and pay you get unique access to an online membership hub. This contains all of your information which is delivered to you interactively through videos and easily downloadable documents.

You get instructional ‘follow along’ video workouts, where you workout on screen with me at the same time and with 2 people demonstrating modifications of each exercise so ANYONE can do this.

You get a complete and simple Nutrition programme, with flexible guidelines and all the knowledge you need to get started and get healthy. There is meal plans, shopping lists. You also receive our Complete Recipe Book, containing over 80 quick and simple to make recipes for you.

Education, I give you a small series of sequential interactive 3-6 minute lectures each week, so you can learn, how to set the right mindset, incorporate basic healthy habits, get in and stay in great shape for life. You have me teaching you exactly what to do.

Unlimited Support

Get unlimited email access and support from your own personal trainer for the entire 28 day programme, if you question or feel something is not working you only have to ask and we can help you the entire way.

MOST IMPORTANTLY– Guaranteed measurable and visible results. Just like our all the other members get on any Body Shape Fitness Camp Programme.

Lastly, To put it bluntly if you were to hire your own personal trainer to work 1:1 with them, it would cost you over £500 per month for a mediocre one and over £800 to train with me for the month, for my 1:1 time in person.

My Live Body Shape Fitness Camp members pay £97 to come and train with me at fitness camp.

This programme, will provide you with all of the information you would get from either of these options, you get follow along workouts you can keep for life, you can do it whenever and wherever you like, and is only £60 for the ENTIRE thing.

Hurry Though Each 28 Days this programme sells out and because we want to offer everybody a good level of support to everybody, we have to limit the amount of people that come on board each time. Bearing in mind this programme has sold out since we launched it, please book early or if you have any questions please contact us.


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